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Using Azure AD groups from Azure AD B2C for authorization purposes within a web app.
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Vote here to get group memberships added to Azure AD B2C Claims:


In this project, we demonstrate the ability to verify a user's existence against an Active Directory group from within an Azure Active Directory B2C tenant. To do this, we use a custom authentication service that implements the Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authorization.IAuthorizationService interface and uses the Azure AD Graph API to access and confirm our user is a member of the specified group.

This demo is very limited in scope, only showing how to build middleware to verify an [Authorize] call, but there's no stopping you (or anyone else) from taking things up a notch. 😎

This demo also uses the HttpClient-driven approach to development over using ActiveDirectoryClient for the simple fact that ActiveDirectoryClient isn't supported on Linux.


public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

	//register our custom authorization service

	//some parts of our application require a user to be a member of the Employers AD group.
	services.AddAuthorization(options => options.AddPolicy("Employers",builder => builder.RequireRole("Employers")));



	public IActionResult Auth()
	    return View();

For the nitty-gritty

All of the dirty work is done in the GroupAuthService authorization service.


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