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Open source clone of the domain sanity checking utility by ISZT called Domi
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OpenDomi is the open source clone of Domi, the domain checking utility made by Council of Hungarian Internet Providers (ISZT), the .hu ccTLD registry.

Output of original Domi:

M-GREET -I- [] Domi version 20120103
M-STAR -I- [] NS parameter not given, getting it from DNS
M-PNAM -I- [] NS name:
M-PADD -I- [] NS addr:
M-PGET -I- [] getting domain from NS ...
M-ROK -I- [] SOA parameters comply with RIPE
M-NS -I- [] A records for DNS servers:
addr of NS
addr of NS
M-SOA -I- [] A record for SOA mail host
addr of MX
M-MX -I- [] A records for MX records:
addr of MX
M-TRNO -I- [] skipping traceroute, servers on diff nets
M-NSC -I- [] checking NS records ...
M-SGET -I- [] getting data from ...
M-PMAI -I- [] checking postmaster e-mail at, ...
M-VOUT -I- [] address verification: 2.1.5 Ok
M-MXOK -I- [] MX server okay
M-SMAI -I- [] checking SOA mail at
M-VOUT -I- [] address verification: 2.1.5 Ok
M-MXOK -I- [] MX server okay
M-OK -S- [] All's well............ that ends well................. 


I have started this project this because ISZT refused to open the source of Domi.

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