A bundle of classes and modules to give easy access to 2D OpenGL with Pike. Latest version lives at: https://gitlab.com/easygl/easygl
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EasyGL v1.1

EasyGL consists of one module (EasyGL.pmod) and one class (SFontGL.pike).
They give you an easy way to set up and use a 2D OpenGL environment in Pike
for use in games or other multimedia projects.
There's no need to install anything - just drop those two files into your
project's source code folder and you're ready to go.
Works with the latest stable version of Pike (7.8.352).

Set up OpenGL and display a window in one line:
    .EasyGL.set_up( 640, 480, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 );

Create a texture from a file:
    .EasyGL.Texture_data tex = .EasyGL.texture_from_file( "my_sprite.png" );

Draw it in your window:
    SDL.Rect dest = SDL.Rect();
    dest->x = 50;
    dest->y = 50;
    .EasyGL.draw_texture( tex, dest, 1.0 );

See example1.pike and example2.pike in the src folder for more details.