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Super 70

A digital Polaroid SX-70 rebuilt using a Raspberry Pi Zero W and 2.8" LCD display.

Current boot time: ~5 seconds


  • buildroot

Python Libraries

  • OpenCV 3
  • Pillow
  • Pygame
  • Numpy
  • RPi GPIO


  • buildroot directory contains configuration files for buildroot, including the defconfig, post-build, and post-image scripts used to generate the image.
  • package/kmod/ is a modified kmod makefile that fixes an issue with Python 3 in the current buildroot version. Lines 43-45 (KMOD_CONF_ENV) are added to fix the compilation issue with Python 3.
  • remap.pkl is the pickled output from the fisheye de-distortion calibration; a new calibration file can be generated using the fisheye scripts.

Loading with buildroot

make BR2_EXTERNAL=/path/to/super70/buildroot BR2_DEFCONFIG=/path/to/super70/buildroot/configs/raspberrypi0w_defconfig defconfig
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