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Welcome to the documentation of Purugin. Please consider contributing content to this wiki. Over time this will get filled out by core contributors, but any help you can provide will be appreciated.

Installation and Setup

Getting-Started - Will show you how to get up and going

Releases - Explains how releases are numbered versus Minecraft releases

Notable-Plugins - Get some pre-made Purugins

Programming in Purugin

First-Purugin - Walk new user through their first Purugin

Communication - How to talk to others

Commands - How to write commands

Events - How to work with Events

FindingBlocks - How to interact with Blocks

PluginDependencies - How to interact with other registered Plugins/Purugins

Tasks - Running stuff in the background

BlockTypes - the types of blocks that you can use in your Purugins or Purogo drawings

Using Purogo

Purogo/Introduction - What and how to use Purugins 3D building system modelled after Logo/Turtle graphics.

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