Purogo Introduction

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Purogo (Pronounced "Pro-go") is inspired from the educational language Logo. Most of us know it based on its graphics library "Turtle Graphics". Purogo, is just a 3-dimensional version of turtle graphics using the Ruby programming language instead of the Logo programming language.

So what is Turtle Graphics? What is it good for?

In traditional Turtle graphics you control a turtle and you can tell the turtle how to move on the screen. As the turtle moves he will draw a line wherever he traveled. You can turn the turtle different directions and also change the color of the line he draws. Here is an example:

You can make amazing 2D graphics with turtle graphics, but not from with in Minecraft. To do that you need to use Purogo!

In Purugo you control a Minecraft creature. Instead of choosing a pen color, you get to choose a block type. You can move the creature in 3-Dimensions. Most importantly, you can make large creations in a short amount of time. Want to make a gold ore pyramid in a minute?


Each of these links provides a walk through the various features of Purogo. You are encouraged to go through them in order, but they are broken up into smaller entries so it is easier to navigate. Go forth a make your Minecraft world a better place!

Purogo/MyFirstDrawing - Let's get started!

Purogo/ReducingRepetitionWithRuby - Make it smaller using times

Purogo/UsingParameters - Allow drawings to accept variable parameters

Purogo/MoreRubyMoreFun - Use more parameters to make polygons

Purogo/CustomizingOurDrawings - Let's change things up

Purogo/MovingAround - More commands for orientation and movement

Purogo/MakingNamedBlocks - Lets learn about composition within a drawing

Purogo/MyFirst3DDrawing - Time to take it up a notch to 3D

Purogo/MyFirstTower - Make that cube work for you