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Developing Ruby plugins for Minecraft using Purugin


Minecraft is the indy-gaming sensation which is growing about 1 million new users every six months. Minecraft presents a blocky (voxel) world in which you can rip down and build up the world as you see fit. People make buildings, fight monsters, farm, and dig expansive tunnels down to the bottom of the world. A deceptively simple and addictive game.

One Minecraft feature of interest to programmers is that users can run their own multiplayer servers with the freedom to apply modding frameworks that tweak the rules of the game. Purugin (https://github.com/enebo/purugin) is a Ruby-based framework (using JRuby) which allows users to easily modify the Minecraft game. Want to control the weather? Bounce extra high? Make monsters hatch from eggs? The possibilities are endless...

This talk will provide an entertaining introduction of both Minecraft and the Purugin framework. It will show how easy it is to write their own commands and manipulate the Minecraft world in a few lines of simple Ruby.

  • Preferred presentation day: no preference
  • Presentation language: English

Name: Thomas E. Enebo

トーマス エネボ

Organization: JRuby, Red Hat


Thomas Enebo is the co-lead of the JRuby project and an employee of Red Hat. He has been a practitioner of Java since the heady days of the HotJava browser, and he has been happily using Ruby since 2001. Thomas has spoken at numerous Java and Ruby conferences, co-authored "Using JRuby", and was awarded the "Rock Star" award at JavaOne. When Thomas is not working he enjoys biking, anime, and drinking a decent IPA.


I did a version of this talk at Rubyconf 2011 (http://www.confreaks.com/videos/696-rubyconf2011-be-a-minecraft-modman-with-purugin) which was well received. I plan on making the talk for this proposal more visual since I want to rely on English less for those audience members who may not understand English as well. Having said that, I have spoken at 7 Japanese conferences so I understand some of the challenges of presenting in English to primarily Japanese speakers.

Another benefit of this talk is that Purugin is meant to be a simple API geared be usable by novice programmers. What is multiple directories and Java files in Minecraft's native extension APIs is typically a handful of lines in Ruby in a single .rb file. It is much more approachable as a new programmer. It is also fun to make plugins for Minecraft, which means this talk should fit your theme well.