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Playback made easy.
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kohii (コーヒー、[ko̞ːçiː])


Video playback for Android made easy.

Kohii is a high level Video playback library, built from the experience creating/maintaining toro and ExoPlayer. Kohii targets directly the Video playback on Android, giving developer powerful playback control, including

  • (1) easy way to start a Video playback with confidence (hint: only one line),
  • (2) smooth playback experience on list any Views (RecyclerView, NestedScrollView, etc).
  • (3) smooth transition from local playback to fullscreen playback and vice versa,

This library would not deprecate toro anytime soon.


Add to your module's build.gradle dependencies

implementation "im.ene.kohii:kohii:"
implementation ""

Start a playback

// have a videoUrl first.
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