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0101E0016 energia
[A] = Assigned and under development
[X] = Completed
[ ] = Unassigned and needs an owner
-= Higest priority first =-
[ ]
[ ] OS X serial driver bug
[X] mspdebug compatibility with windows TI LaunchPad drivers
@ Core functionality
[X] micros()
Advanced I/O
[X] tone()
[X] noTone()
Random Numbers
[X] randomSeed()
[X] random()
@ Libraries
Follow Arduino/Wiring API's if a Library exists
[X] USCI I2C master/slave
[ ] USI I2C slave
[X] SPI support (needs testing)
[X] IRremote
[ ] CapTouch API (see #39)
[A] CC110L Air Module Booster Pack Library (see #80)
@ Documentation
[X] Know issues list (
[X] Bug fix / new feature review process
[ ] Incompatibilities
[X] Coding Style Guide
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