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+## So what's this all about?
+Energia is a fork/port of Arduino for the TI Launchpad MCU Family.
+## What LaunchPad MCUs work right now?
+* LaunchPad with MSP430G2231, MSP430G2452 or MSP430G2553
+* FraunchPad with MSP430FR5739
+* StellarPad with LM4F120H5QR
+## I think I need help.
+No problem! There are a variety of resources available to get you up and running, and sprinting once you're up and running.
+* [GitHub Repo]( - THIS page!
+* [Download]( - Download a compiled application for Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows.
+* [Website]( - Not much here at the moment...
+* [Wiki]( - Find basic information and tutorials here.
+* [LaunchPad forum @ 43oh]( - A community around the original LaunchPad boards (ie: Get help for the original boards here).
+* [StellarPad forum @ Stellaristi]( - Just like the above, except for the newer StellarPad Board.
+* [Report bug]( - Is something not working as it ought to? Or better yet, is there something we could make better?

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