Include (patched) Arduino MIDI library #44

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pbrier commented May 9, 2012

There is a MIDI library for the Arduino. I have a use for it on the MSP430.


It almost works out of the box (with the Hardware serial) but you need to set some smaller buffer sizes due to RAM constraints

  • #define MIDI_SYSEX_ARRAY_SIZE 256
  • #define MIDI_SYSEX_ARRAY_SIZE 1 // can be larger, e.g. 16 bytes if you have some RAM left


include "Arduino.h"

should be commented out. (Arduino.h could be mapped to Energia.h on a global level to be more Arduino compatible)

Is it a plan to include it as lib in Energia?

Is it a plan to include it as lib in Energia?

That is a good question. It seems like we should first implement all of the core, all of the standard libraries and then decide on playground libraries that would be useful.

We might look at leaflab's maple and chipkit arduino 32 as examples of how best to deal with Arduino APIs that are implemented on other hardware. Neither of them implement playground libs, However they both implement the standard libs and even extend the standard by adding some of their own.


robertinant commented May 9, 2012

I also tested it a while back and it indeed works great. This library needs to go into the msp430 library dir. If you can go ahead and get it into the msp430 lib directory. Let's wait though till I have the new topic process in place. This is another good candidate for testing the process. I promise that the process is easy and that it will make it easier for us to share / review / discuss code...


pbrier commented May 9, 2012

I like the idea of topic branches. It always feels a bit unpleasant pushing to origin/master

@pbrier I download the midi library from but I cannot import it to Energia, because there is no "Add library" in the menu "Sketch -> Import Library" just as Arduino does. Could you please tell me what should I do if I want to use this. Thanks.


rei-vilo commented Nov 17, 2014

Help yourself and follow the Manual installation procedure at

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