Known Issues

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Known issues in 0101E0008

Core functionality

Known issues in 0101E0006

Core functionality
The following functions are not implemented.
   - tone()
   - noTone()
   - micros()
   - randomSeed()
   - random()
The function analogWrite(...) outputs a PWM signal with half the expected frequency and the duty cycle is only adjustable form 0 to 50%.
delay() on devices that run at 1 MHz (e.g. msp430g2231) is half of what it needs to be due to a rounding error in the calculation of the watchdog timer ticks per milliseconds. This issue is fixed in master and will be included in the next release. For details see: Issue 72 and Issue 78
TimerSerial is broken for msp430g2231. When compiling the TimerSerial example the following error will occur.
 TimerSerial.cpp: In static member function 'static void TimerSerial::RxIsr()':
 TimerSerial.cpp:205:16: error: 'TA0IV_TACCR1' was not declared in this scope

Apply the following patch to the file hardware/msp430/libraries/TimerSerial/TimerSerial.cpp

 +#ifndef TA0IV_TACCR1
 +#endif /* TA0IV_TACCR1 */
  //Timer A1 interrupt service routine
  void TimerSerial::RxIsr(void)
Mac OS X LaunchPad driver
  1. OSX will abandon the device if the USB bus is constantly flooded with data by your device while the KEXT is loading. You will need to unplug and plug the device back in.
  2. Communication starts only when OSX sets the Baud-rate (control line normal for all system)
  3. OSX will create Network ports in your Network preference, this is normal.