Linux Serial Communication

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Many people find the using /dev/ttyACM0 with the stock cdc-acm driver for linux doesn't work well with the launchpad. Gerald Stanje provided a patch to the cdc_acm driver for both 2.6 and 3.0 kernels. It addresses the problem in Energia that causes the User Interface to hang up. Read about this patch and the problems with the stock cdc-acm driver on this forum post for more information:

If you just want to get going and fix the problem, download the cdc-acm patch from here:

Gerald writes:


i am providing a method without recompiling the kernel...i use Dynamic 
Kernel Module Support to load the modified cdcacm driver

i have tested this on ubuntu! please let me know if it works on your
linux machine!

1.) install dkms, install kernel headers
2.) copy the folder cdcacm-0.1 to /usr/src
3.) run ./ from /usr/src
3.) connect msp430 rf2500 to usb
4.) stty -F /dev/ttyACM0 raw speed 9600
5.) cat /dev/ttyACM0 ... you should see some output