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Release Notes

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Energia 0101E0008 - 06-08-2012

[New features]

* Linux binary distribution (Rick Kimball).

* I2C slave and master for USCI (Stefan Schauer and Robert Wessels).

* LiquidCystal Library (pbrier).

* can now be used independent of underlying implementation Hardware/Timer based (Rick Kimball).

* TimerSerial optimizations (Rick Kimball).

* Windows version now uses mspdebug rather than MSP430Flasher (Stefan Schauer).

* New IDE Theme with more red! (blue from

* Add -DENERGIA=EREVISION  pre-processor option to distinguish between Arduino and Energia (Robert Wessels).

* Implement randomSeed() and random() (Robert Wessels).

* Implementation of micros() (Rei Vilo).

* IRremote thanks to Ken Shirriff for letting us use it in Energia (soojinhan).

* Internal flash read/write library (pbrier).

* Turn on "New version available notification" and point to (Robert Wessels).

* tone and noTone implementation (pbrier).

* Servo library (pasky).

* Stepper library (pbrier).

[Bug fixes]

* I2C USI Master hangs when slave is not present at start up.

* digitalWrite leaves pin in PWM mode if PWM was previously enabled with analogWrite (Robert Wessels).

* Analog/timer pin definiton incorrect, only one analog output available (Robert Wessels)

* analogRead() wakes up to early due to watchdog isr clearing LPM bits
* The function analogWrite(...) outputs a PWM signal with half the expected frequency and the duty cycle is only adjustable form 0 to 50% (pbrier).

* TimerSerial fails when using msp430g2231 @ 1MHz (Rick Kimball)
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