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Energia Support for CC26xx Network Processor
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This repository hosts the active development for TI's BLE Energia solution. ble_energia adds Energia support to the CC2650 in network processor configuration, using the MSP432 as the application processor.

Note: This repo hosts the bleeding edge versions of ble_energia, stable releases are bundled within the Energia IDE's board manager package for MSP432

Required Hardware and Software

  • The sketches currently build with power savings. You can get SNP images from this link.
  • For CC2650MOD BoosterPack you will want to use simple_np_cc2650bp_uart_pm_xsbl.hex
  • For CC2650_LAUNCHXL you will want to use simple_np_cc2650lp_uart_pm_xsbl.hex

Steps to setup

  1. Clone or download this repository
  2. Install MSP432 Board files
  • Tools -> Board -> Board Manager
  1. Symlink to this repo
  • Navigate to energia-1.6.10E18B6-<platform>/energia-1.6.10E18/libraries
    • Note that platform above refers to your OS (i.e. windows)

Windows * In git bash type ln --symbolic "<PATH_TO_THIS_REPO>\BLE" BLE * If using cmd use mklink /J BLE "<PATH_TO_THIS_REPO>\BLE"

Linux/Mac * In terminal type ln -s "<PATH_TO_THIS_REPO>\BLE" BLE

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