Installation guide

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  1. Create directory for core (for example /var/www/energine) mkdir /var/www/energine
  2. Download and extract Energine release
  1. Copy default starter cd /home/username/projects cp -r /var/www/energine/starter
  2. Create database.
  3. Import base site structure from sql/starter.structure.sql.
  4. Import stored procedures from sql/starter.routines.sql.
  5. Import system data from sql/
  6. Configurations.
  7. Copy configuration file from configs/system.config.default.php to configs/system.config.username.php.
  8. Make symlink from configs/system.config.username.php to htdocs/system.config.php.
  9. Edit configuration file:
  10. Set directory of the Energine core.
  11. Set correct database configurations.
  12. Set site domain.
  13. Set the modules, which will be accessed from the Site (full path for each module).
  14. Set your E-Mail.
  15. Configure your host in /etc/hosts.
  16. Configure web-server: nginx + php_fpm or apache2 + mod_php
  • nginx
    1. Base config file is in jambalaya/.nginx.conf.example. You can copy this config into the directory conf.d of your nginx as conf file (for example
    2. Set your connection to php-fpm in upstream php-fpm block. Check the listen directive in php-fpm.conf.
    3. Set correct server_name and listen port in server block.
    4. Set absolute path of the project into $www_folder variable in server block.
  • apache2
    1. Configure your VirtualHost if it is not yet done.
    2. Base config file is in jambalaya/.htaccess. Copy it to
    3. Set the single directive RewriteBase. If the project is placed in some folder, not in site core, then the directive should be: RewriteBase /~username/some/folder/. If it placed in site core then: RewriteBase /
  1. Set permissions to write to the directories: htdocs, htdocs/uploads, htdocs/resizer, htdocs/core/modules.
  2. Install the following php extensions and enable them in php.ini file:
  3. pdo_mysql
  4. xsl
  5. tidy and gd2 (or gd)
  6. Sometimes you should restart your computer in order to use just installed extensions from web-server.
  7. Run http://www.your.project.address/setup/. If all goes good - you will have a working system copy based on Energine engine.
  8. Develop your site
  9. Remove the write permissions to the directories: htdocs, htdocs/core/modules.
  10. Turn off debug mode in configuration file.

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