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Natural Language Extensions adds behavioural driven development support to Selenium IDE, meaning 
tests can look less like

	open /fixture/setup
	assertTextPresent OK
	open /fixture/setupInvoice?reference=BSkyB-1&net=10000.00&vat=0.15&raised=03-Mar-09&settled=05-Mar-09
	storeText id invoiceId
	open /
	waitForElementPresent taxYearPicker
	select taxYearPicker 01-Mar-09 to 28-Feb-10
	waitForElementPresent invoicesTable
	waitForXpathCount //table[@id='invoicesTable']/tbody[@class='data']/tr[@class='selectable'] 1
	assertText //table[@id='invoicesTable']/tbody[@class='data']/tr[1]/td[1] 03-Mar-09
	assertText //table[@id='invoicesTable']/tbody[@class='data']/tr[1]/td[2] 05-Mar-09
	assertText //table[@id='invoicesTable']/tbody[@class='data']/tr[1]/td[3] BSkyB-1
	assertText //table[@id='invoicesTable']/tbody[@class='data']/tr[1]/td[4] £10,000.00
	assertText //table[@id='invoicesTable']/tbody[@class='data']/tr[1]/td[5] £1,500.00
	assertText //table[@id='invoicesTable']/tbody[@class='data']/tr[1]/td[6] £11,500.00
	click delete-${invoiceId}
	assertConfirmation Do you really want to delete invoice 'BSkyB-1'?

and more like

	load common-mappings, invoice-mappings
	given an invoice DB-1 for £10,000.00 @ 15% that was raised on 05-Mar-09 and settled on 12-Mar-09
	when I open the home page
	and change the tax year to "01-Mar-09 to 28-Feb-10"
	then there should be 1 invoice in the invoices table
	and the 1st invoice should have a raised date of 05-Mar-09
	and a settled date of 12-Mar-09
	and a reference of DB-1

Getting Started
1. Download the Selenium IDE plugin for firefox and add in the following user extensions via the 
options menu


2. Open the following test suite


3. Launch the "Books" application from the shell

	grails run-app

The tests should all pass, and demonstrate what you can do with the natural language extensions.

Unfortunately installation isn't straight forward - it's a case of copying the relevant files from 
"Books" to your project, fixing the compilation errors and URLs.

1. Copy the entire test/selenium folder to your project. 
2. Copy the entire web-app/js/naturalLangaugeExtensions. This must be served by your application, 
ideally on http://yourserver/js/naturalLanguageExtensions. If you can't serve from this URL then 
be sure to update test/selenium/selenese/core/scripts/extensions/actions.js accordingly

3. Copy 

You'll need to remove all references to the "Books" domain objects from FixtureController and TestFixtures. If the fixture 
controller isn't served from /fixture then you'll need to update more URLs in actions.js

4. Add the jbehave dependency from grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy

5. Start adding your own tests to suite.html and adding mappings beneath js/naturalLanguageExtensions/mapping using the bundled examples for reference.