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License: CC BY 4.0 DOI

JRC Hydro-power plants database

map of hydro-power plants

The development of this dataset started as an output of the Energy work package of the Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus project at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC). This dataset has been created for power system modelling purposes and it is based on publicly available sources. This dataset tries to collect some basic information on all the European hydro-power plants. Other related datasets are available in the JRC Data Catalogue.

The dataset contains the following variables (documented in the data package JSON):

  • id of the plant
  • name of the power plants
  • installed capacity (and pumping capacity when available)
  • country
  • coordinates
  • typology of the power plant (run-of-river, reservoir based or pumped-storage)
  • nominal head or height of the dam
  • size of the usable reservoir in million of cubic meters
  • maximum storage capacity in MWh
  • link with the GEO, PyPSA-EUR and WRI Global Power Plants databases
  • annual average/expected generation in GWh

The storage capacity is reported only when directly available from the source, thus is not estimated or derived from the other variables.

This dataset is released under CC-BY-4.0 license. This dataset is an open project and it is not an official product of the European Commission.

Discuss & Contribute

If you have any question or comment the best way would be to add a post in the Issues to keep track of open and closed issues/questions. If you want to contribute please send me an email or submit a Pull Request on this repository.

Author and contributors

Here a list of all the people which have personally contributed to this dataset. If you think that your name should be here please send me an email.

  • Matteo De Felice: main author
  • Konstantinos Kanellopoulos, JRC
  • Ignacio Hidalgo-González, JRC
  • Kachirayil Febin
  • Arnau Cangròs, Catalan Water Agency
  • Hrvoje Medarac, JRC
  • Goran Stunjek, University of Zagreb
  • Goran Krajacic, University of Zagreb
  • Jonas Hörsch, Reiner Lemoine Institut (RLI) and KIT
  • Francesco Careri, JRC
  • Sebastian Busch, JRC
  • André Ortner, MVV Energie and TU Wien
  • Clément Cabot, PSL - Mines-ParisTech
  • @flacombe
  • @timtroendle
  • Antoine Dubois, University of Liège
  • Shruthi Patil
  • Larissa Doré
  • Richard Gönnheimer


The dataset contains 4179 hydro-power plants. This is a table summarising the installed capacity in GW for all the countries appearing in the database.

country GW
Albania 2.1
Austria 13.5
Belgium 1.4
Bosnia and Herzegovina 2.0
Bulgaria 2.9
Croatia 2.1
Czechia 1.9
Finland 2.6
France 20.6
Germany 10.8
Greece 3.4
Hungary 0.0
Ireland 0.5
Italy 19.4
Kosovo 0.1
Latvia 1.5
Lithuania 1.0
Montenegro 0.7
Norway 33.0
North Macedonia 0.6
Poland 2.1
Portugal 8.0
Romania 6.2
Serbia 2.8
Slovakia 2.5
Slovenia 1.2
Spain 16.1
Sweden 13.9
Switzerland 19.2
United Kingdom 4.3


The database has been built collecting the information from several other sources and then cross-checking and comparing in case of inconsistencies. The list of the used sources is here: