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Example of spring secured vaadin application

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do not sue spring IOC

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Sample vaadin application that uses spring security as security provider. 
The authentication is done outside of the application. So the vaadin application does not provide any login functionality.

Possible next steps: Instantiate in applicationContext and call the secured service and check the authorization exceptions.

- install maven 3
- execute command: mvn clean install
- install Tomcat 7
- deploy war
- open in web browser the url http://localhost:8080/vaadin-spring-jsp/
- Login with one of the following users: 
  * admin with password admin, 
  * demo with password demo, 

I used Helios Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers
Recommended plugins:
- m2e
- m2e-extras (WTP plugin required only)
- Vaadin eclipse plugin

You can import the project via Maven->Existing Maven Projects.
Execute following operations:
- Maven->Update Dependencies
- Maven->Update Project Configuration
- RunAs->Maven Install
- Project->Clean
- Run As->Run on Server
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