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#rhype rhype is a command line music player for the Hype Machine. A modified version of fzakaria's HypeScript is used to retreive a list of the current front page songs on HypeMachine. After retreiving the tracklist, you can play the tracklist in order. Music is played using mpg123, a popular open source audio player.

The type of music that is played depends entirely on the music that hypem is posting. Currently, rhype only looks at the popular section of hypem. According to hypem, this section contains "The most popular artists, searches and blogs on the internet right now". If you're curious about how their aggregator works, I encourage you to take a look at their about page.

##Installing rhype To install rhype, do the following:

$ git clone
$ cd rhype
$ make
$ PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/bin

####Dependencies There are a few things you need before you can use rhype:

  • mpg123 (available in apt)
  • python2.7 (available in apt)
  • python-bs4 (available in apt)
  • python-beautifulsoup (available in apt)

##Basic Usage After rhype has been installed, spawn the rhype daemon with

$ rhyped

Now you're ready to play music!

$ rhype update
$ rhype play

Note: There will be a slight delay as the track list and songs are downloaded.

rhype is controlled using rhype <command> where command can be any of the following:

  • update fetches the latest tracklist from hypem.
  • list lists the current tracklist loaded.
  • play plays the current tracklist in order from the beginning.
  • stop stops the current song.
  • skip skips the current song.
  • pause pauses the current song.
  • resume resumes playing where the song was paused.
  • exit kills the daemon
  • help lists all available commands.

##Implementation Details rhype works by using HypeScript to acquire a list of URLs from the hypem playlist. Once rhype has the list of URLs, they are downloaded temporarily, and played using mpg123.

All working files for rhype are stored in a folder within your home directory called rhypefiles. You can view the rhype file folder using cd ~/rhypefiles.

Warning: Modifying the contents of /rhypefiles will likely break the program and it is not recommended.

####The rhype daemon The bulk of the processing is handled by rhyped, the rhype daemon. If the daemon hasn't been spawned, the program will not work.

Attempting to run rhype without the daemon present will result in one or both of the following errors:

  1. daemon PID not found: No such file or directory
  2. could not connect with rhyped: No such file or directory

####Long Term Use For long term use, it will become inconvenient to always modify your PATH by hand. A solution is to modify your ~/.profile file to permanently append the rhype bin path. You can do this by opening up ~/.profile using your favorite text editor and adding the following line of code:

export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/rhype/bin

After the profile file has been modified, log out and log back in for the changes to take effect. With the modified profile file in effect, you will never have to manually change your path again! If you move your rhype folder, your ~/.profile file should be modified to reflect the changes.

##The Future Of rhype This project is work in progress. If you like the project or want to contribute, I encourage you to submit issues or pull requests. My repo can be found here.


  • Improve portability by using more portable syscalls.
  • Play music without creating a local copy of files.
  • Allow users to play individual songs.
  • Allow users to specify areas to scrape, i.e. popular vs latest.
  • Improve playback controls
  • Port to Python (maybe?)


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