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A site for using science to take fate into your own hands.
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A site for using science to take fate into your own hands.

users can input their current desired sign, and are shown steps necessary to change their sign to the desired.

a demo project for how to build an interactive website.

distributed under GPL, for how it uses the Swiss Ephemeris.

depends on having access to a backend with the swiss ephemeris, which was surprisingly easy to install.

Resources used: (for the basic skeleton of the sites) (for an animated SVG to work our core illustration out of) (for images) (for astronomical/astrological data) (for adding tooltips to svg elements)

TODO currently using average distances to solar body. emphemeris reports real distance, so cound compute counter on the fly currently using only degree angle to solar body. emphemeris reports minutes and seconds as well; greater acuracy site only shows sun sign. using more objects for more bodies would be busy, but fun. site could be generalized to other zodiac systems (chinese) site could be generalized from newborns to events different outfit/image/hat for baby for each sign for greater variety, imitate or scrape from or some database of things with mass

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