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AzuraBot overview

AzuraBot is an plugin-based Open Source chatbot framework, written in Python using the asyncio package. It can be used in two different ways:

  • As a backend and middleware
  • As a backend only


AzuraBot has only been tested on Linux. It requires Python 3.7 or newer, and uses BotyMcBotface for its IRC interface. Install it with pip (I recommend using a virtual environment):

$ pip install BotyMcBotface

Then, you need to register its IRC nickname (read: your bot's IRC username). I recommend using the Freenode IRC network, and there's a guide on how to register a nickname on Freenode here. It doesn't matter what nickname you decide to use, but remember that it is this name that your instance of AzuraBot will have on IRC.


In AzuraBot's etc directory, there's an example configuration file called example-azurabot.conf. Copy it to azurabot.conf:

$ cd etc
$ cp example-azurabot.conf azurabot.conf

Then, you have to edit azurabot.conf and insert your bot's nickname and password, which you presumably registered using the guide above, under the [irc] heading.

Starting the bot

Then, you should be able to start it with the start script:

$ cd ..
$ ./

Press Ctrl-c to stop it.

To test if it works, fire up your favorite IRC client and send a message to the bot:

/msg (Your bot's nickname here) Status


AzuraBot supports different types of plugins, which must also be written in Python.

Interface plugins

Interface plugins are what gives AzuraBot the ability to communicate with user. Each such plugin makes it possible for users to communicate with AzuraBot using a specific protocol or service, for example IRC, Slack, or Twitter.

Intent selector plugins

Intent selector plugins have the role of selecting an intent for input sent to AzuraBot by a user. That is, what is the "intent" of the user - what do they want? Is their intent to get a weather report, or to create a reminder?

Intent plugins

Intent plugins provide the intents, or actions if you will, that the user can request to have performed.

Filter plugins


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