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A Bash prompt with integrated git status.
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gitprompt -- A Bash prompt which integrates git status.

Project status

The current version is 1.2.1.

A brief article about it has been published in Hacker Noon:


To install gitprompt, first cd to a suitable directory where you want to install it. Let's say you want to install it in your home directory, so just type:

$ cd
$ git clone

To run it, run the following commands in your Bash prompt:

$ cd gitprompt
$ .

If you want it all the time, add the following to your .profile or .bashrc:

. ~/gitprompt/

Happy Hacking!


GitPrompt has a small but growing number of features

Showing git status

The main feature of GitPrompt is, as the name implies, to display git status (if files have been modified since the last commit, etc) in the prompt.

Showing exit status

If a command failes with a non-zero exit status, this status will be displayed in the prompt, reducing the risk that the user will miss it.

Showing the current time in the prompt

Every time you press enter, the current time on the machine will be displayed in the prompt.

Showing username and hostname

If you use many different accounts on many different machines, it is useful to always have the current username and hostname displayed in the prompt.

Showing host aliases

If you have a lot of different machines with less-than-helpful hostnames, which is sometimes the case, then you can set a shell variable called HOSTALIAS, to a more descriptive name, and it too will be displayed in the prompt.

Customizing the colors

You can customize the colors used with the GPConfig command. If things go wrong, you can reset the config with GPReset.

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