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Website API


GroupQuiz is a website that can host activites such as quizzes and voting events.

This started off as a side project to our school's annual Charities Day. We wanted to engage more people in activies during the day that would also incorparate their mobile phones.

While creating the website, we looked for ways to raise money for charity. This is done by using a credit system so users can only enter certain events by purchasing codes.

Simple Design

We used Boostrap 4 to give the website a responsive design and to work with all mobile devices. Jinja2 is used to automatically populate many of the pages with the information they need. For example, to list all the quizzes avaliable to the user.

Unique Usernames

When you load up the website for the first time, you are given a random fun username. You also get put into a group of the year that you're in.

Currency System

Full customizability to make activites cost credits or to be absolutely free to enter. You purchase a physical unique code that gives you 10 credits to use on the website.

Easy Setup

Quizzes and events are stored in JSON meaning you can add and remove them, or edit their contents at any time. The software allows you to customize how long you get for each question too.

Quick Control

The admin panel allows you to see statistics from how many users exist to what events have been entered.


Mentioned earlier, this project was created for our school's annual Charities day. We wanted to find a way to get more people engaged in activities during the day so we turned to technology.

During this project we have learned many new skills. We had great Python knowledge already but learning Flask in detail has been great at improving our understanding of websites. Furthermore, we learned how to use MySQL, CSS, Javascript, and Jinja2.

All of this for a fun side project which turned out to be successful! We ran the server on one of our computers during the day where people would connect to a specific connection point to visit the GroupQuiz website.


Edward Upton (engiego)

Ben Dodd (mitgobla)

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