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The Remote Freelancer

List of community-curated resources to find topical remote freelance & contract work for software developers, web designers, and more!

See Why and Contributing. Alexa Rank: This is an estimation on how popular the site is, with #1 being the most viewed site on the internet in the US. Graph of changes over time

Name Alexa Rank Hires these Types
Upwork 200 Designers, Developers, & Others
Freelancer 700 Designers, Developers, & Others
PeoplePerHour 2,000 & Gigs Designers, Developers, & Others
Toptal 3,000 Designers, Developers, & Others 5,000 Designers, Developers, & Others
Turing 6,000 Developers
Truelancer 10,000 Designers, Developers, & Others
Crossover 10,000 Developers & Business Mangers 20,000 Developers
Scalable Path 70,000 Designers & Developers
freelancermap 80,000 Developers, Engineers, Consultants, Others
StoreTasker 100,000 Shopify Developers
Soshace 100,000 Developers
Adeva 200,000 Designers, Developers, & QA
Speedlancer 600,000 Designers & Developers
Worksome 2,000,000 Consultants, Data Scientists, & Developers
Tutoring 10,000 Tutoring Developers
Name Alexa Rank Hires these Types
Fiverr 100 Gigs Variety
Bonsai 20,000 Tools Designers, Developers, & Others 1,000,000 Gigs Variety 1,000,000 Community Developers
Remote One 1,000,000 Tools Designers, Developers, & Others
Clarrow 2,000,000 Tools Designers, Developer & Others
Name Alexa Rank Hires these Types
Dribbble Jobs 1,000 Designers
Angel List Jobs 2,000 Variety
FlexJobs 7,000 Variety
We Work Remotely 10,000 Variety
Hired 20,000 Designers, Developers, & Product Managers
RemoteOK 80,000 Developers
Himalayas 200,000 Designers, Developers, & Product Managers
No Fluff Jobs 200,000 Developers 600,000 Go/Golang jobs, filter on remote jobs 1,000,000 Developers 8,000,000 AI/Machine learning jobs, filter on remote jobs
Team Extension 8,000,000 Eastern Euro Developers, Designers, QA
Name Alexa Rank Hires these Types
Codeable 40,000 Wordpress Developers developers
Superside 50,000 Designers
Working Not Working 70,000 Designers
X-Team 70,000 Developers
Experfy 80,000 Data Scientists & Developers 100,000 Developers
Gigster 200,000 Developers, Project Managers, & Designers 500,000 Marketing
Moonlight 1,000,000 Developers
10xmanagement 1,000,000 Designers & Developers
Lightboard 2,000,000 Designers
Dreamlance 10,000,000 Designers & Developers 10,000,000 Developers

Regional, or Language-Specific

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Latin America
    • Workana – Largest Latin American freelancer network
  • French
    • Codeur - Leader in France.
    • Malt - One of the largest platform for french Freelancers.
    • Comet - French platform that search and qualify IT freelancers for each mission.
  • Denmark
    • Worksome - Denmark's largest platform for local freelancers.
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
    • Freelancer MX - Contrata a freelancers expertos para tu trabajo en l?nea.
  • Persian
    • Ponisha - Ponisha is an online network for freelance professionals, in Iran.
  • Brazilian
    • 99 Freelas - Contrate os melhores freelancers do Brasil.
  • Russian
    • Freelansim - биржа удаленной работы для IT-специалистов.
    • FL - профессиональный ресурс, предназначенный для поиска работы или исполнителя на удаленную работу.
    • - Биржа фриланса, каталог фрилансеров и самозанятых по категориям.
  • Indonesian


This repo was inspired by this Hacker News thread about one software developer's experience with Upwork. For all those who have had bad experiences with Upwork, I wanted to create a list of additional resources that software developers can use to find freelance, nomadic and contract work.


Please please please contribute to the list! If you have freelance work available or know someone who does, feel free to open a pull request to augment this list!

Thank you for looking :) Good hunting!

Differences between types

Clients Jobs Agency
Interaction with Clients Your interaction is with clients directly, organization does little/no communication with clients You interact with employers directly, organization does little/no communication with clients Organization handles clients and just gives you work. You have little/no interaction with clients
Control over working environment Generally you can work however, using own tools, supplies, set own hours, etc Employer controls how you work generally. Provides tools, sets hours, tasks, etc. Agency might direct you on what tasks to do but you have flexibility on how to accomplish them
Payment Client pays you, but through the organization (which may takes its cut) Employer pays you salary (withholding taxes) Agency pays you
Choice of Client or Project Complete control of client/project Complete control of job selection Little/no choice of project or client
Vetting/Interviews Clients vets you Companies vet you Organization vets you, Client wouldn't really vet you individual

Other resources


Bounties based and open source

Remote jobs

Job tracking tools


Codinronan originally started this resource, Andy Chase has been maintaining since 2017. Special thanks to everyone who has submitted corrections and new sites. Also thanks to Georges Kabbouchi who developed the website version based on a design from Ovidiu Alexandrescu.


None. Literally, why would I include a license in this. Copy, paste, skewer, go nuts. (Ok, officially, "The Unlicense")


Listing of community-curated resources to find topical remote freelance & contract work for software developers, web designers, and more!








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