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Scripts we use


[For Mac Users] Install the following

Make sure you have brew installed on your mac first! Go to and follow the instructions there to install brew on your mac.

  • Install sox by running brew install sox on your terminal

  • Install ffmpeg by running brew install ffmpegon your terminal

Without these 2, you will not be able to run some of the scripts in this repository. In particular,

1. Audio normalization of video files (

  • We use this script to normalize the audio of multiple video files.
  • It creates a new folder called normalized and puts the rendered file in there.
  • Attribution: This script was based on Sayanee Basu's norm script.


$ ./ ./<folder_name>

*Important: Please replace spaces with underscore in your folder name and file names.(eg. my_videos instead of my videos and instead of video

2. Remove front part of a video (

  • When you started the recording too early, this script helps you remove the first few seconds of the video.
  • This will generate a new file.


$ ./ <path_to_input_file> <time_stamp> <path_to_output_file>

3. Remove back part of a video (

  • When you ended the recording long after the presentation is done, this script helps you remove the last few seconds of the video.
  • This will generate a new file.


$ ./ <path_to_input_file> <time_stamp> <path_to_output_file>

4. Join multiple video files into a new video file

  • Use this when you want to join multiple files into 1 video file


  1. Run this command to create a text file with the list of all the files you want to combine:

    ls -1 > files.txt
  2. Edit files.txt and remove the lines of the files you don't want to use.

  3. Add file ./ to the front of each line such that it ends up like this:

    file ./video1.mp4
    file ./video2.mp4
    file ./video3.mp4
  4. Run this command in the folder

    ffmpeg -f concat -safe 0 -i files.txt -c copy <name_of_combined_file.mp4>

    This ffmpeg command will create a new combined file of all the videos in files.txt.

5. Generate thumbnail from file (

  • Generates a thumbnail of the video at the time stamp supplied (eg. 00:00:12)
  • Creates a thumbnail folder and generates a jpg and png version of the thumbnail.


$ ./ <video_file> <time_stamp>

6. Converts a folder of .ts files to .mp4 files (


$ ./ ./<folder_name>
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