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Redis Cookbook for EngineYard EYCloud

Redis Redis is an open source, advanced key-value store. It is often referred to as a data structure server since keys can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets and sorted sets. Learn More at the introduction.


This cookbook provides a method to host a dedicated redis instance. This recipe should NOT be used on your Database instance as it is not designed for that instance. Additionally it will not change nor modify your database instance in anyway what so ever.


  • 1+ utility instances
  • over-commit is enabled by default to ensure the least amount of problems saving your database.
  • 64-bit is required for storing over 2gigabytes worth of keys.


This cookbook does not automate not facilitate any backup method currently. By default there is a snapshot enabled for your environment and that should provide a viable backup to recover from. If you have any backup concerns open a ticket with our Support Team.

Specifics of Usage

Currently this Cookbook provides the following methods of using Redis:

  1. Redis

    • Add an utility instance with the following naming scheme,

    • redis

Changing Defaults

A large portion of the defaults of this recipe have been moved to a attribute file; if you need to change how often you save; review the attribute file and modify.


This cookbook depends on the dnapi|emerge cookbook, you can add it as a submodule as follows,

git submodule update --init
git submodule add git:// cookbooks/dnapi git submodule add git:// cookbooks/emerge


Ensure you have the Dependencies installed in your local cookbooks repository ... Add the following to your main/recipes/default.rb

require_recipe "redis"

How to get Support

  • irc://
  • This Github repository.
  • This Cookbook provides a technology that is listed in the Engine Yard Technology Stack
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