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This cookbook installs and configures a replication_check script on your master database instance.


Exim or SSMTP must be configured on your instances in order for this monitoring script to send e-mail from your AppCloud database instances. The ey-cloud-recipes repo contains recipes for configuring both of these.

Gems for json and yaml must be included.


Step 1) In the ./recipes/default.rb add your sender and recipient email addresses for alerts in the 'check_vars' section. Adjustments to the monitoring and alerting thresholds can also be made here. check_vars = {

# the number of seconds delay at which a warning alert is issued; default 30 minutes (1800 seconds)
:warn_level => 1800,
# the number of seconds delay at which a critical alert is issued; default 2 hours (7200 seconds)
:crit_level => 7200,
# valid email address to receive alerts
:mail_recipient => '',
# valid email address for sending email alerts
:mail_sender => ''


Step 2) Commit and upload: `ey recipes upload -e <ENV>` and then apply: `ey recipes apply -e <ENV>`


Engine Yard Support is not notified of these replication alerts currently. If you require additional assistance with a replication failure please file a ticket with our support team.

The default configuration sends one successful check message per day but this can be modified by adjusting the cron schedule that removes the send_message.txt file.

The default check interval for replication is 1 hour. This can be modified by adjusting the cron schedule for the replication_check.rb script.

After a failure message has been sent the next successful check will send a success message regardless of whether one has already been sent for the current date.

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