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Engine Yard Cloud v5 Chef Recipes

  • This codebase and its cookbooks represent the latest version of Engine Yard's stable-v5-3.0 stack.


To upload and run the recipes from the CLI, you need the ey-core gem.

gem install ey-core


  1. Create the cookbooks/ directory at the root of your application. If you prefer to keep the infrastructure code separate from application code, you can create a new repository.

  2. For each custom cookbook that you want to use, do the following:

    • Create or edit cookbooks/ey-custom/recipes/after-main.rb and add the line:
    include_recipe 'custom-<recipe>'
    • Create or edit cookbooks/ey-custom/metadata.rb and add the line depends 'custom-<recipe>'
      • prepend name 'ey-custom' to cookbooks/ey-custom/metadata.rb in case of a creation
    • Download this repository and copy custom-cookbooks/<recipe>/cookbooks/custom-<recipe> to cookbooks. For example, to use memcached, copy custom-cookbooks/memcached/cookbooks/custom-memcached to cookbooks/custom-memcached.
  3. Alternative to step #2 above: use ey-v5-starterkit to automate copying the recipe from the custom-cookbooks directory

  4. To upload and apply the recipes, run

    ey-core recipes upload --environment <nameofenvironment> --apply

For more information about our V5 (Gentoo 16.06) Stack, please see


Please read our Contributions Guidelines.

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