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gem for Partners to talk to the Services API

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EY Add-on Services API

This gem provides basic ability to interact with Engine Yard as an Add-on service partner (e.g.

All operations happen on the connection. First it must be setup. For example:

EY::ServicesAPI.setup(:auth_id => "...", :auth_key => "...")

Then you can do things like register a new Add-on service. For example:

  "", {
    :name => "My Service", 
    :description => "my service does things", 
    :service_accounts_url => "",
    :home_url => "",
    :vars => ["MY_SERVICE_API_KEY"] })

Using this gem in your project

This codebase really contains 2 gems:

  • ey_services_api is the Gem for communicating with Include this in your Gemfile.
  • ey_services_fake is a Gem for helping you to write tests with a working "Fake" in place of talking directly to Include this in your Gemfile inside the "test" group.

For examples of using the gem in a sinatra app, and in tests see:

To run the tests

To run specs mocked:

  • rvm use 1.8.7
  • bundle
  • bundle exec rake

To run against tresfiestas codebase: (internal only)

  • rvm use 1.9.2
  • BUNDLE_GEMFILE=EYIntegratedGemfile bundle
  • BUNDLE_GEMFILE=EYIntegratedGemfile bundle exec rake


$ rvm use 1.8.7
$ gem install gem-release
$ gem bump
$ gem release
$ git push

This should bump the versions of both ey_services_api and ey_services_fake. Push both to rubygems, and then push your version bump commits to github.

Using 1.8.7 to release is the simplest way to avoid syck/psych yaml incompatibilities gemspec bugs.

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