Simple Gittip collaboration tool for teams
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Simple Gittip collaboration tool for teams

Why This Exists

At the moment, there is no way for a team to collaborate on a Gittip account. (Something Gittip plans to fix.) John Resig built a tool for Khan Academy that gives team members a tip allocation. Which is great, but his tool uses Google Docs. This tool does a similar thing, but the configuration is done with a YAML file.

How To Configure It

Copy sample.config.yaml to sample.config and edit the file.

The sample config looks like this:

    username: "you"
    api_key: "SAMPLE"
    max_total: 60
        recipient1: 5
        recipient2: 15
        recipient3: 10
        recipient4: 10
        recipient2: 5
        recipient4: 5
        recipient5: 10

Set username to your team's Gittip account.

Set api_key to your API key, which can be found on your account dashboard.

Set max_total to the maximum weekly amount you want to give. It is split equally between team members. So if you specify 60 and you have three team members, each team member can tip a maximum of 20.

Under tips, list your team members. These are for you internal use only, so giver1 does not have to match up to anything on Gittip's side.

Each giver (i.e. team member) then lists recipients. These do have to match up with Gittip, so recipient1 should be the username of the person you want to tip.

You can specify as many tips as you like, as long as the total tip does not exceed the allowance for individual team members.

How To Run It

Push configuration changes to Gittip by running update from the CLI. This will replace all existing tips with the tips configured in the configuration file.

If there is a discrepancy in the amounts specified, the script will exit without updating anything.

If you try to tip someone who is not on Gittip, you will see an error message in the JSON that Gittip returns. Check this to make sure that everything looks okay.

It is not necessary to run update in cron. It is sufficient to run it every time you make changes to the configuration file. If you keep this configuration file in Git, accountability is built in!


  • Python3
    • brew install python3
  • PyYAML
    • sudo pip3 install PyYAML

(If you do not have pip installed, use easy_install to install it.)