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v1.1.4. Fix camping handler. Correct treatment of @throttle parameter.
v1.1.3. Fix security flaw of DirHandler; reported on mailing list.
v1.1.2. Fix worker termination bug; fix JRuby 1.0.3 load order issue; fix require issue on systems without Rubygems.
v1.1.1. Fix mongrel_rails restart bug; fix bug with Rack status codes.
v1.1. Pure Ruby URIClassifier. More modular architecture. JRuby support. Move C URIClassifier into mongrel_experimental project.
v1.0.4. Backport fixes for versioning inconsistency, mongrel_rails bug, and DirHandler bug.
v1.0.3. Fix user-switching bug; make people upgrade to the latest from the RC.
v1.0.2. Signed gem; many minor bugfixes and patches.
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