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A way to track the status and result of jobs after the fact (aka debug failures)
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A resque plugin for tracking jobs and their state (pending, running, failed) based on some originating entity.
This plugin relies heavily on resque-meta to store meta data on resque jobs.

Our use case is:

Account is a model in our database. Accounts do lots of things which trigger background jobs.  We want to be able to see for a given account:
1. What jobs are waiting to be run.
2. What jobs are currently running.
3. What jobs ran and had some exception in the past 24 hours.

You define how jobs are tracked by defining the "track" method on your job class (see the tests for an example)

You define how long meta data is kept around by defining expire_meta_in, expire_normal_meta_in, and/or expire_failures_meta_in on your job class (see tests for an example)

You can access the list of pending, running, and failed jobs using the Resque::Plugins::JobTracking methods: pending_jobs, running_jobs, failed_jobs (again, see tests)
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