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Creating an Engine Yard Add-on

Steps to obtain an Add-on partner Engine Yard account.

  1. Sign up for an Engine Yard Cloud account at A trial account is fine.
  2. Email your contact at Engine Yard with the following information:
    • The email you used to sign up
    • The name you want to use for your partner account. (Internal use only, not visible to Customers.)
  3. Your Engine Yard contact will then upgrade your Cloud accout to an Add-on partner account

This Add-on Partner portal provides you with the information you need to register and develop Add-on services. After you have registered an Add-on service, you can use the UI from to activate the Add-on in a private test-mode that will only be available to Engine Yard Cloud account that you created in Step 1.


Specification-style documentation at:

Tutorial-style documentation (example Add-on service implementation) at:

Guidelines for Add-on messages at:

Add-on Provider API Gem at:

HMAC Authentication and SSO Gem at: