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change to git style deploy

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commit a4afea2b4bbb524292134a910a250353d6ae4c40 1 parent 7352cd4
@7hunderbird 7hunderbird authored
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  1. +27 −0 config/eydeploy.rb
27 config/eydeploy.rb
@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
+# This is an overrides file for ey deploy that uses git to do all
+# moving around, rather than using multiple directories and symlinks
+class ::EY::Serverside::Deploy::Configuration
+ # no separate releases directories
+ def release_path(*args)
+ current_path
+ end
+ def all_releases(*args)
+ [current_path]
+ end
+def copy_repository_cache
+ # Don't need to do this, just make sure current is linked to
+ # cached-copy
+ run "ln -nfs #{c.repository_cache} #{c.current_path}"
+def symlink(*args)
+ # do nothing
+def cleanup_old_releases(*args)
+ # do nothing

5 comments on commit a4afea2


What's the reasoning behind this? As far as I can tell it breaks the deployment?


This doesn't look like it was run before committing. I would be very curious to hear if this worked on any deployment.


This comes verbatim from:

But it was an accidental commit to the engineyard repo when I meant to commit it to my repo. Jim already removed it so we're good, thanks Jim!


We should probably remove that from the docs. That's not good advice :(

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