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Documentation for Vertebra
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Short Version

Assuming you have the dependencies:

# aclocal ; automake ; autoconf ; ./configure ; make ; sudo make install

Will build all docs that it can.  Installs PDFs and HTML docs in:


Long Version

The autoconf system currently creates a vertebra.pdf document that describes
the overall design of Vertebra.  This document is built using TeX and a few
support utilities for the figures (most notably GraphViz).  OmniGraffle source
is included for some manually produced figures.  This manual is not yet
considered comprehensive, nor complete, nor final.  The beginnings of work to
generate HTML documentation are also present.


To build the docs on MacOS, use MacPorts.  Almost everything I needed was
there.  Try the following packages (note the variants!):

* texlive_base +no_x11 (X11 never seems to build for me)
* texlive +letter (to set the system page size to US Letter)
* graphviz +no_x11 (for figures)

You'll also need python with lxml.  Depending on the state of your system, you
can use the command "sudo easy_install lxml".  If that doesn't work, you may
need to install setuptools, which is available here:



To build the docs on Linux, you will need some packages.  So far, I've tried
with Debian lenny.  I needed the following packages and their dependencies:

* texlive-latex-recommended (for pdflatex and other basics)
* texlive-latex-extra (for nomencl.sty)
* texlive-latex-fonts-recommended (for pzdr font used by hyperref.sty)
* ghostscript (for ps2pdf, since graphviz doesn't support PDF here)
* python-lxml (for HTML documentation)

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