``keybinder`` is a library for registering global key bindings, for gtk-based applications. Python bindings included.
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:Author: Ulrik Sverdrup <ulrik.sverdrup@gmail.com>

**keybinder** is a library for registering global keyboard shortcuts.
Keybinder works with GTK-based applications using the X Window System.

The library contains:

* A C library, ``libkeybinder``
* Gobject-Introspection (gir)  generated bindings
* Lua bindings, ``lua-keybinder``
* Python bindings, ``python-keybinder``
* An ``examples`` directory with programs in C, Lua, Python and Vala.

Compile and Installation Notes

The package ``keybinder`` compiles against GTK+ 2 while the package
``keybinder-3.0`` compiles against GTK+ 3. The two packages can be
installed in parallel.

Both packages support generating gobject-introspection (gir) bindings,
even if these bindings are more relevant for the future, hence the GTK+
3 package. For ``keybinder-3.0``, the gir bindings are strongly
  recommended over any other language bindings.

``keybinder`` includes ``python-keybinder`` which are static python
(PyGTK 2) bindings.  If you don't have the neccessary dependencies, and
don't want to build the python bindings, you have to explicitly disable
them using the ``--disable-python`` option with configure.

``keybinder`` and ``keybinder-3.0`` include experimental static lua
bindings.  It is possible you need to tell configure where Lua includes
are to be found using (adjusting the path appropriately)::

    ./configure CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/include/lua5.1

If you want to compile with reduced library linking, configure using::

    CC="cc -Wl,--as-needed" ./configure

Build Requirements

    * GTK+ 3.0 (``keybinder-3.0``) or GTK+ 2.20 (``keybinder``)
    * gobject-introspection
    * gtk-doc 1.14
    * Python 2.5, pygobject 2.15.3, pygobject-codegen-2.0 for


This library originates in `Tomboy`_ and has been widely reused without
having a separate release. This package has taken the python bindings
from the `Deskbar Applet`_ project, and broken it out to a standalone
project. The library was subsequently rewritten in major parts.

The module is licenced under the GNU General Public License v2 (or at
your option, any later version), see the included file COPYING for

.. _Tomboy:            http://projects.gnome.org/tomboy/
.. _`Deskbar Applet`:  http://projects.gnome.org/deskbar-applet/

.. vim: ft=rst tw=72