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keybinder and keybinder-3.0 v0.3.0
Not Released Yet
* Patch to use ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS=-I m4 (by Luca Falavigna)
* Add two functions to fix gobject-introspection (gir) bindings:
``keybinder_bind_full(keystring, callback, user_data, notify)``
Uses GDestroyNotify for notification of callback
unregistration. This function is compatible with introspected
bindings unlike ``keybinder_bind``.
Exported as ``keybinder_bind`` (``bind``) to bindings.
unregister all callbacks for the specified keystring.
``keybinder_unbind``'s signature cannot be supported by
introspection bindings, and unbinding all matches the common use
case (especially from bindings).
Exported as ``keybinder_unbind`` (``unbind``) to bindings.
* Build a gobject-introspection ``.typelib`` file for libkeybinder
* Add a reference manual for libkeybinder using gtk-doc
* Branch the library into two simultaneously installable libraries
+ ``keybinder`` is like the old version, using Gtk+ 2, package name
``keybinder`` (pkgconfig) and ``Keybinder-0.0`` (gir)
+ ``keybinder-3.0`` is a new version, using Gtk+ 3, package name
``keybinder-3.0`` (pkgconfig) and ``Keybinder-3.0`` (gir)
+ ``keybinder-3.0`` removes ``python-keybinder`` because pygtk will
never be compatible with Gtk+ 3. Instead gir bindings have to be
+ These libraries will possibly have separate releases in the future
but their first release is simultaneous, it is now.
keybinder v0.2.2
Released Sunday, 20 May 2010
* Add pkg-config file contributed by Jérôme Guelfucci
* Add Vala example and .vapi file to examples/
* Make lua-keybinder installable (this is experimental), using ax_lua.m4
keybinder v0.2.1
Released Monday, 26 April 2010
* Release key grabs if binding fails partially.
keybinder v0.2.0
Released Saturday, 24 April 2010
* Split into libkeybinder library and python-keybinder so that the same
module can be used from Python or C. The Python bindings are now optional.
* Add examples/ directory with C, Python and Lua examples (including
experimental Lua bindings).
keybinder v0.1.1
Released Wednesday, 21 April 2010
* Workaround GTK+ Bug 616401
* Don't bind anything when mapping virtual modifiers fail
(Kupfer bug :lp:`566945`)
keybinder v0.1.0
Released Tuesday, 6 April 2010
* Depend on GTK+ 2.20
* Remove egg* code
keybinder v0.0.9
Released Tuesday, 6 April 2010
* Replace some egg* code with GTK+ functionality.
* Take great pains to understand "Consumed Modifiers", as in:
+ When pressing *Ctrl+Shift+1* to make *Ctrl+!*, Shift is a consumed
modifier. So when receiving a binding specification like
``<Ctrl>exclam``, we have to dig deep into XKB to find out which
hardware modifiers are needed to create the bang (!) character.
With this, it is now possible to bind any composed character.
* Keybindings now work in alternative layouts as well, you just have to
press the same hardware keys as in the primary layout. For example a
keybinding *Ctrl+W* will still be available on the same physical
keys after switching to a secondary Greek layout.
* Remove keybinder.is_modifier from the module
* Use -Wall
keybinder v0.0.4
Released 22 November 2009
* Remove bogus dependencies from configure checks (gnome-doc-utils and
* Enable ``AM_SILENT_RULES``
* Fix language errors in documentation
.. -*- encoding: UTF-8 -*-
.. vim: ft=rst tw=72
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