Ted2Go IDE is a leading IDE for Monkey2 programming language. Written on Monkey2! Based on original Ted2.
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action Hotkeys improvements Sep 8, 2018
assets Added SDL_EnableScreenSaver() to allow devices go to sleep. Jul 24, 2018
bin Added ted2 source files. Aug 15, 2016
di Added new tab "Examples" that collected special folders: bananas, tes… Jul 15, 2018
dialog Fixed #148 - "Skip searching in .mx2 folders ". Jul 10, 2018
document Fixed incorrect "jump to declaration" behaviour. Aug 16, 2018
eventfilter Removed broken code assigned to F10 key. May 23, 2018
logo Added x64 logo and tweaked android product. Dec 16, 2017
parser Fixes in parser - now it try to parse locked file if current file is … Jul 16, 2018
product Improvements. (#125) Apr 7, 2018
syntax Not fully implemented highlighting of code items - it works very slow. Jul 12, 2018
testing Fixed #144 - "c/c++ apostrophe handling". Jul 10, 2018
theme Fixed theme colors for docs - now it depends on theme, dark docs for … Jul 12, 2018
utils Improved selection expanding by Alt+Up Sep 9, 2018
view Improved selection expanding by Alt+Up Sep 9, 2018
.gitignore New parsing stuff to have local members in completion! May 21, 2018
LiveTemplates.monkey2 Improved code templates - added dot-prefixes to show templates for gl… Oct 27, 2017
MainWindow.monkey2 Fixed Show in explorer action on macos Sep 8, 2018
PathsProvider.monkey2 Fixes in parser - now you not need to open project to be correctly pa… Aug 1, 2018
Plugin.monkey2 Added project file support (.mx2proj) May 27, 2018
Prefs.monkey2 Fix for onengl "es" mode. Jun 6, 2018
ProcessReader.monkey2 Cleanups in process reader. Oct 6, 2017
README.md Added patron info (#115) Mar 5, 2018
Ted2.monkey2 Fixed Show in explorer action on macos Sep 8, 2018
Ted2Go.mx2proj Improved project system. Jun 2, 2018
Tree.monkey2 Fixed Docs tree - open docs by second F1, improved node filtering. Nov 8, 2017
Tuple.monkey2 no message Sep 28, 2017



An IDE for Monkey2 programming language.

Binaries for MacOS and Windows are available at itch.io.

Benefits & Goals

  • Autocompletion for keywords, modules and user's code (WIP).
  • On-the-fly parser - see errors w/o build (not all errors).
  • "Find in project" dialog.
  • CodeTree and NavigationList for comfortable code jumping (todo).
  • Code folding and bookmarks (todo).
  • Doc's hints directly inside of code area (todo).

More info

Discuss on forum page.

Monkey <-> money :)

Support me if you like this project:

Notes for contributors

Please, take a look at code style. It based on original Ted2.

Will be super-cool if you can write the same style to make this project consistent.

Local abc:="ABC" ' there is no spaces in assignment


callSomeMethod( param1,param2 ) 'there are spaces in bracket bounds

Method check:Bool( value:Double ) 'spaces in declaration
                          ' empty line after method name (can ignore if there is one-line body)
   Return value > 1.75