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Tapsilog asynchronous logging service
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Tapsilog, an asynchronous logging service

Tapsilog is a super customized fork of Analogger. Tapsilog allows you to attach tags to log messages so that it can be searched easily. Currently, Tapsilog supports files and mongodb as storage backend.

Supported adapters

  • file - Logs to files, STDOUT or STDERR
  • mongo - Logs to mongoDB

Gems required for mongoDB support

  • mongo
  • bson
  • bson_ext


Tapsilog Server

The best way to run tapsilog is to write a config file and call:

tapsilog -c /path/to/config_file.yml

Sample Config

port: 19080
  - /tmp/tapsilog.sock
daemonize: false
key: some_serious_key

syncinterval: 1

  #Currently supports file or mongo
  adapter: mongo

  #These options are used for mongo backend.
  #You can leave the host, port, user and password blank and tapsilog connects to your local mongo installation by default
  #port: 1234
  #user: root
  #password: somepassword
  database: tapsilog
    - service: default
      target: default # This is the mongodb namespace. For file backend, use the path of log file

    - service: dev.access
      target: dev.access

    - service: dev.bizsupport
      target: dev.bizsupport

Tapsilog Client

The tapsilog Logger class quacks like the ruby standard Logger.


logger ='default', '/tmp/tapsilog.sock', 'some_serious_key')
logger.level = Palmade::Tapsilog::Logger::DEBUG # defaults to INFO"I am logging a message.", {:my_name => "tapsilog", :my_number => 2})
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