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Enhanced Portals Logo

The subatomic particles of life and space are now easily manipulated. We have learned to weave them like fine silk for us to reap the benefits. With these concepts at the helm, we can now create harnesses for micro wormholes to tunnel between space and dimensions. These Enhanced Portals were created thanks to the first rudimentary prototype, made from obsidian and fire. After much trial and error it has lead to an age of portal innovation. However it's not completely a free ride. To create and maintain a creature as destructive and violent as a wormhole you will need to feed it a lot of power, or fear the consequences.

Enhanced Portals brings a richer experience than the vanilla obsidian frames. Transport players, mobs, animals, items, fluids, even energy to anywhere, whether it be 10,000m away, in the Nether, the Twilight Forest, or any other dimension. Link them together on a network or use them to dial other portals. Use them on your server as thresholds to other worlds or biomes. You can even design complex creations to help with other projects, like a spawner room or minecart system. The portals you design don't even need to be in the shape of a rectangle, make them any shape you want to, as long as it's a closed, flat area.

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