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Developer opening at Enhancv
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Frontend JavaScript Developer

Frontend JavaScript Developer

Full-time | Product team: 5-10 people | Sofia, Bulgaria


Enhancv is a web platform that helps people create a resume to be proud of. It’s modern and people remember it. We have helped thousands of clients stand out even in companies such as Spotify, Tesla, Google, and have the ambition to become the world’s resume standard.


A handpicked team working in Sofia and Dublin, we’ve established a lean, yet robust process for building and improving our product, while experimenting with new technologies and approaches. Meet our team here:


We work with node.js, webpack, es6, react, redux and python, on heroku and AWS. We use github flow for our developing process with mutual code reviews and a good amount of integration & unit tests. We also have some of our code open sourced at, as we believe that coding in the open produces code that is well documented, tested, refined, and lasting. For an in-depth technologies overview, see

What we need

The quality of our product can be the difference between someone getting an interview or not, so we need a developer who's passionate about details. We like to invest in proper solutions and aggressively refactor problematic areas, but sometimes you should be able to get your hands dirty - real artists ship. Specific frameworks knowledge is not that important for us, as we know that good developers can pick up new tools with ease, but we would like you to have experience with JavaScript. You'll be working mainly on client side, but you would still need some server side knowledge as well.

How to apply

Send us a line at with your resume and project examples / open source code, and we can take it from there. We're hiring without whiteboards, so we’d ask human questions during our interviews, and make a follow-up with a practical assignment after that.

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