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Modern CMS with shop features based on fullstack symfony and sylius components
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The enhavo CMS is a open source PHP project on top of the fullstack Symfony framework and uses awesome Sylius components to serve a very flexible software, that can handle most of complex data structure with a clean and usability interface.

Enhavo is still under heavy development and we can't gurantee for backward compatibility or security issues nor is our documentation up to date. So we advice you to not use the software for production until we reach a stable release.


Help us to develop the software. This is the main repository of the enhavo project. Feel free to open tickets or pull requests or just give us feedback. If you are a github user, you can star our project.


For install enhavo, you need composer and yarn

$ composer install
$ yarn install
$ yarn encore dev
$ yarn routes:dump
$ bin/console enhavo:init
$ bin/console fos:user:create password --super-admin


If you want to use enhavo CMS, we recommend to use one of the enhavo editions:


Use username with password admin to log in into the backend.


To run the demo with docker you can use following command

$ docker run -d -e DATABASE_URL='mysql://root:root@mysql:3306/enhavo' --link 'mysql:mysql' -p '80:80' enhavo/enhavo:master


Documentation is available at To create documentation you need sphinx. Install it over pip with

$ pip install -U Sphinx

Compile the documentation with

$ sphinx-build -b html docs/source build/docs

Or use the autobuilder

$ pip install sphinx-autobuild
$ sphinx-autobuild docs/source build/docs

Run tests

First setup the test database for behat testing, with

$ bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force --env="test"

Then run the test itself.

$ bin/behat
$ ./phpunit

MIT License

License can be found here.

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