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The Enigma Curry Network Sniffer
Copyright (C) 2006 Ryan McGuire
ryan@enigma*** (remove ***)

This is version 0.6

run ' -h' for help

Please read the LICENSE.

This code is educational for me. It teaches me several things
about TCP/IP. This is my intent for you as well. I claim no
responsibility for what you will do with this program. Although
I cannot stop someone from doing something malicious with this
software, I do hope, that by it's existance, a general awareness
of the problems with insecure protocols will proliferate.

  *Python 2.4  -
    (not tested on anything else)
  *Pylibpcap   -
  *Libpcap     -
  *Winpcap     -

  version 0.6 :
    added MSN messenger instant message logging
    added HTTP page access logging
    added FTP username and password logging
          (It's the same as POP3, so I combined the functions)
    added Subnet filtering (aka 'Don't log other people's business')
  version 0.5 :
    Log pop3 email usernames and passwords
    Log http basic authentication usernames and passwords
    Log everything to a file or write to stdout