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invoke sikuli script remotely
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Sikuli server is standalone and developed for invoking sikuli script on remote desktop.

It uses jetty 6.1.26 as embeded web server and sikuli-script.jar is taken from its
bundled lib directory. The sikuli version is Sikuli-X-1.0rc2.

Note: it just support *.sikuli currently.


To generate sikuli-server.jar and sikuli-client.jar:

You must install ant1.8 on your box first.

Download the project and go to sikuliserver directory, type 'ant all' on command line.


1) run sikuli server:

java -Dbasedir=yourSikuliScriptHomeDirectory -jar sikuli-server.jar

2) client:

you can directly invoke sikuli script on remote desktop by browser.

the url is http://server:9000/

In addition, you can create client to call sikuli script remotely with ruby, python, java.

The java client(sikuli-client.jar) is created already.


import org.sikuli.SikuliRemoteClient;

public class Client {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        SikuliRemoteClient client = new SikuliRemoteClient("localhost", "9000");
	SikuliScript result = client.excute("\script.sikuli");
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