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We use CMake to build the library and compile a standalone test application
Check CMake for library dependencies (OpenCL, OpenGL, GLEW)
We encourage an out-of-source build, so in the base directory of the repo do:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install
You can run by executing
(currently you set the path for resource files in main.cpp, this really should automatically get it using argv[0]
so for now you'll need to run from build so that relative paths are eg ./bin/cl_common)
the library will be in rtpslib/
if you have Doxygen you can generate docs:
make doc
the docs will be in rtpslib/html
* from Andrew Young
Install CUDA toolkit for windows.
Set GPU_COMPUTING_TOOLKIT environment path to CUDA directory
Download and install Nvidia\u2019s code samples (this comes prepackaged with glut glew and other utility libraries)
Download and install visual studio 10 express edition.
create a build directory
run cmake
point source directory to rtps
point build directory to your build directory
press configure
press generate
navigate to build directory
double-click on rtpssuite.sln
when visual studio opens right-click on test.x in the left panel
select build
navigate to build directory copy rtpslib\Debug\rtps.dll to test\Debug
double-click test\Debug\test.exe
Possible ERRORS
- Make sure that rtpslib/cl_sph/ does not contain directories. That prevents cmake .. from running
correctly. When in doubt, remove everything in build/ and start over.