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Particle System expirementation Sandbox: OpenCL/OpenGL on PC and Android OpenGL in C with JNI

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Octocat-spinner-32 android added OpenCL/OpenGL particle system, moved android code to android fo… June 26, 2010
Octocat-spinner-32 blender
Octocat-spinner-32 cmake
Octocat-spinner-32 enjacl
Octocat-spinner-32 environment
Octocat-spinner-32 opencl10 Got the RTPS compiling on cygwin March 02, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 rtps
Octocat-spinner-32 sprites
Octocat-spinner-32 teach
Octocat-spinner-32 .gitignore updated some blender demos February 21, 2011
Octocat-spinner-32 README
    ### EnjaParticles in C++ using OpenCL and OpenGL interoperability

    The Real-Time Particle System library. Check README inside rtps/
    for build and usage instructions

    cmake modules to help find necessary libraries

    scripts to set the environment variables for using this project
    with my BGEnjaParticles project

    my first attempt at making a particle system, deprecated
    the particle system library as well as a main.cpp to run it
    check the README in enjacl for build instructions and more info

    ### EnjaParticles on the Android using the NDK and OpenGL

    the C code is in the jni folder
    read the README in this folder for more info

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