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BART strike visualization


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Data Links

All of the data and sources can be found here:

Unanswered Questions

What is causing the BART strike?

  • What is the history of BART/union negotiations?

  • What are the points of contention?

    • Pay
    • Pensions
    • Medical benefits
    • Safety
  • Are the demands reasonable?

    • What employees make the most? What do they do?
    • How does Overtime pay factor in?
    • How do BART employees salaries compare to others in transit industry?
    • How do BART employee salaries compare to inflation?
    • Are employees making more/less than they did 10 years ago? 20?
    • How do BART employee salaries compare to salaries in the bay area? How do they compare to tech employees?
    • How much crime occurres on BART and at stations?
    • How many BART police are there?

What are the effects of the strike?

  • Budget Impact

    • What is BART's total budget?
    • What does it's budget look like? How much for employees?
    • How many tax dollars does it cost? Cost to individual taxpayer?
  • Ridership impact

    • How does a strike impact highways, MUNI and ferry transport?
    • How many people ride BART?
    • Which stations have most ridership?
  • Socioeconomic impact

    • Does BART service a population that otherwise wouldn't be serviced?
    • How much value does BART add to the area?

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