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Data files

Salary data notes:

BART Salaries were scraped from and are composed of several sections:

Name: employee's name
Title: Job Title
Family: Job family (as categorized by BART's website)
Base: base salary for calendar year
OT: over time pay
Other: Lump sump payouts for vacation, sick leave and comp time, bonuses and other taxable cash payments
MDV: Employer contributions to medical, dental and vision plans
ER: Employer contribution to pension
EE: Employee contribution to pension paid by the employer
DC: Employer contribution to deferred compensation (eg. 401(k) or 403(b) plans)
Misc: Other non-cash costs of employment
TCOE: Total cost of ownership
Source: MNP is "Management, No Police" and NM is "non-management"
Job Family: Higher level categorization of job titles (see notes)
Union: Union representation for each employee


Highway Data

AC Transit


Surrounding Data

GIS data (maps, census) (shp files converted to geojson and topojson)
Bay Area TOPOJSON: US Atlas
Bay Area census (countypopulations.csv top10cities.csv)
U.S. monthly inflation (stored in monthlyinflation.csv)
Family Budget data:!topic/bart-hackers/5rZCtiwQaVI BLS U.S. Historical Wage Data, 2001 - 2013 (Current Dollar)
FRED (economic data)
Cost of Living:

Municiple tax shelters
Median income at BART stations

I'd be interested in looking at the property values surrounding BART stations with the Trulia API

California State Data Center

Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) public-use data products

Beyond the Shutdown: U.S. Government Data on ArcGIS Online


Detailed State Files for California (2013)
block groups:

Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP2000)

US CTPP using ACS 2006-2010 (5-Year Summary)

Additional Data for San Francisco

BART Districts in San Francisco (Zipped Shapefile Format)

Stop locations for all of public transit routes that serve San Francisco. Records indicate stop location and name, the associated

Incidents derived from SFPD Crime Incident Reporting system. Previous month. Updated daily

Industry Classification via BLS:
Transportation and Warehousing: NAICS 48-49
The transit and ground passenger transportation subsector (NAICS 485) consists of these industry groups:

  • Urban Transit Systems: NAICS 4851
  • Interurban and Rural Bus Transportation: NAICS 4852
  • Taxi and Limousine Service: NAICS 4853
  • School and Employee Bus Transportation: NAICS 4854
  • Charter Bus Industry: NAICS 4855
  • Other Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation: NAICS 4859