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Notes on data cleaning BART compensation files:
- Started with mgmtnopolice.csv and nonmgmt.csv
- Got rid of extraneous stats on right hand side of file
- Added Source column to track origin of each row: MNP = mgmtnopolice.csv and NM = nonmgmt.csv
- Concatenated both files in to bart-comp-all.csv
- Simple global search/replace on Titles:
'Mgr.' => 'Manager'
'Mgr' => 'Manager'
'Sr' => 'Senior'
'Grp' => 'Group'
'Asst' => 'Assistant'
'ACTO' => 'Assistant Chief Transportation Officer'
'Engr' => 'Engineering'
'Dev' => 'Development'
'Sys' => 'Systems
'Supv' => 'Supervisor'
'Super' => 'Supervisor'
'Auto' => 'Automotive'
'Dept' => 'Department'
'Exec' => 'Executive'
'Maint' => 'Maintenance'
'Engineer' => 'Engineering'
'Mech' => 'Mechanical'
'Rep' => 'Representative'
'Sect' => 'Section'
# Skipped: 'Admin' could be 'Administrative' or 'Administrator' or 'Administration'
'Equip' => 'Equipment'
'Tec' => 'Technician'
'Tech' => 'Technician'
- Did a full outer join of all titles with job_families.csv, manually filled in any missing entries in result. Result of this manual scrubbing in job_families_all_scrubbed.csv
- Results in bart-comp-all.csv
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